Growing your Business with FourSquare

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Social Media Tools
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Growing your business has never been so easy!

What if there was a user friendly way to have your Satisfied Customers share their Real-time, Positive experiences about your business with your future customers? Turning your happy customers into Instant, Electronic text Commercials is here today. Electronic word of mouth has finally arrived! And best of all, it’s totally free! Free for you and free for your customers.
Foursquare is an App for Cell phones and other Mobile devices. Your customers have their cell phones handy when they shop, play, and eat. Take full advantage of Foursquare’s exciting, international hybrid Mobile App that crosses a friend-finder, a Social City-Guide, Gaming, and Electronic Discounts. The Foursquare system was launched in March 2009, and boasts a membership well over 100,000 and rapidly growing.
Foursquare takes the newest Cell Phone App craze and instantly converts your current, happy customers into up-to-the-minute Text Spokespeople who tell the world about your product or service.
Here’s how. Foursquare members review your Store, Business, Restaurant, or attraction right on the spot as they stand or sit in your establishment. They’ll tell their friends, family, and colleagues about their shopping, eating, or entertainment experience as it happens. So be on your toes and give the best service you can to get the best instant, electronic reviews. Your customers add their two cents and your profits soar!

The demand finally meets your supply! Your sales will be supply driven! No more shelves full of old inventory that doesn’t move. No more Coupons to print. You’ll change your Specials Instantly as your supply runs low. The next person who logs into Foursquare sees your latest special. No disappointed customers coming in for a special you no longer have. No wasted advertising dollars! Oh, and not only can you change your specials on the fly, but best of all it’s totally free.
Be rewarded for your Great Service, Excellent products, and helpful Sales, Service, or Wait staff.
Sign up today at and watch how far your business will expand with foursquare. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s still free….for now!
© 2010 Nan Sherman

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