Search Engine Placement: The Key for Online Success

Posted: July 1, 2010 in SEO 101
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Search Engine Placement: The Key for Online Success

SSDD. Not so in virtual reality. All companies, from micro to mega have pumped untold Billions of Dollars into their Internet Presence. The success of their Marketing Campaign in a global economy depends upon it. Everyday, millions of consumers utilize the Web to source both wants and needs. The ability of a business to constantly place them at or near the Top of a Search Engine Rankings has been shown to dramatically Increase Revenues. On the other side of the coin is a low ranking, equals high failure. Let’s begin by an overview of the Largest and Most Dominant search engine; GOOGLE.

All business is driven by two things. Operations and Sales. Both of these category’s can be dissected into algorithms. Algorithms are the step by step explanatory process that has a beginning and end. They are used to produce Definite Results and troubleshoot. For Search Engines, they are used to categorize information into a planned procession of documents.

So, in summary you have this Huge Corporate Search Engine, GOOGLE, supplying your client’s with information flowing to your desktop based upon simple algorithms. In theory, correct. It would be the same information provided the same way to the same people. Theoretically.

Now, here’s the hitch. How does a company, GOOGLE specifically, manage and manipulate these algorithms to accomplish satisfying their advertisers, thereby ensuring their revenue stream, and providing your clients with constantly changing information? The man at the top of the GOOGLE algorithm processing department is MATT CUTTS, is the man that is the hub that holds the wheel onto the axle. Matt is the Head of the Web Spam Team at Google.

Every day, his concerns are proper placement of documents, via algorithm, and placement of GOOGLE advertisers in the face of the advertisers target audience. Whew!

How does a company combat that? Are you saying that unless my company puts their marketing allowance into this GOOGLE corporate machine that when someone enters our product into the keyword search of GOOGLE that my competitors product will Rank Higher in SERP placement because they advertise with GOOGLE? Maybe….

They are a profit driven company like all others.  Don’t be too naïve. This is America. I would imagine there is an algorithm variable. It is known as a “random” algorithm. By the use of this variable, we are able to precisely manipulate the outcome in our favor. That is where the magic lies.

A company that wants to win all day, every day, needs to constantly Monitor and manipulate the outcome of Search Engine Placement, i.e., Search Engine Optimization.

The use of an outside SEO firm, such as Central Penn SEO, monitors and manipulates Search Engine Placement in REAL time. THAT is True Optimization. To have them as your daily, real time ace-in-the-hole. Very few organizations have the manpower luxury of dedicated Full Service Search Engine Marketing.  Yet every minute of everyday, there is someone looking for your company’s products and services. Central Penn SEO understands this.

You keep your company on top of its game. They keep Your Company on Top of the Search Engine Rankings Page. They ensure that when someone Online is searching for your product or Service you get the hits, NOT your competitor’s. Without Daily updating and optimizing, a company may as well be tossing their Marketing budget into the wind.

  • Target your client’s,

  • Grow your Profit’s and WIN. That is the algorithm of success. Call Central Penn SEO . Their Pay-for-Performance SEM  Program Guarantee’s a return on your Investment.

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