Why care about Twitter, Blogs, Smart Phone APPs, and QR Codes?

These technologies, incorporated with a solid business model, will set your restaurant or bar apart from your local competitors. It will allow your business to move full speed while leaving the others in the dust. In the short run you will have the “cool factor”, gaining NEW foot traffic by being on the cutting edge of Technology and Interactive Real time Marketing. In the long run, you will see decreases in traditional marketing expenses and a fattening of your bottom line.

Using Twitter to fill your Pennsylvania Restaurant

Social media sites such as Twitter are more crucial than ever for Restaurants. Central Penn SEO provides a cost effective way to reach out to your customers using many kinds of Social Media Marketing. Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks currently out there and that is why a large chunk of this article is focused on it.


So what is Twitter exactly? Twitter is a micro blogging/social networking service that allows users to read and send short 140 character messages or “tweets”. Twitter popularity is increasingly growing in business and can be operated from a phone or home computer. How can this be beneficial to your Pennsylvania Restaurant  or Pub?
Twitter allows a business to target its customers in Real time. Maybe your business is a pizza shop in a Millersville, PA, for example. You could tweet a message about a midnight Stromboli special an hour before twelve on a Friday night. Then sit back and watch the crowds come rolling in.  Twitter is all about reaching who you want to reach and when. Central Penn SEO understands that you know your market better than anyone and we are committed to working with you to optimize your efforts.

Growing your Restaurant through blogging

Central Penn SEO offers Personalized Blogging Services with a focus on Constant updates and multimedia. This is not a onetime blog post that will be lost to the web within an hour. This is multiple blogs posted weekly that incorporate Video, Audio and Pictures. Here are some of the blogs Central Penn SEO can offer to your Pennsylvania Bar or Restaurant that will differentiate you from the rest of the pack:
  • Daily Special Blogs – blogs that offer details about the food or drink special of the day with pictures or video.
  • Drink Suggestion Blogs – there are a lot of different drinks out there and many people walking into the bar may not be aware of those options. Serve these customers better by helping them out before they even walk through the door!

  • Contest or Event Blogs – this is a great way to stay connected with customers and let them know what is going on.
  • Employee of the Month Blogs – gives employees a sense of pride that they will share with their friends and family through social media outlets.
  • Customer Highlight Blogs – blogs about regulars and their favorite food/drink along with positive quotations.
These are examples of the kinds of blogs available but we are able to customize all blogs to your Business’s specifications.

Smart Phone APPs will make your life Fun and Easy!!


Apps for Smart phones are all the rage. Few small to medium size restaurants and even less bars have yet to make the leap. It’s a shame. This is why the time is now. These days nothing says legitimacy for any business more than a Smart phone Application. It is the cutting edge. The smart phone revolution is upon us and it will not be long before all phones are smart. Your Competition will Struggle to keep up with APPs Technology within the next 18 months. You do not have to. The name of the game is differentiation and APPs for order taking and entertainment will make your Pennsylvania Restaurant or Bar unique.
  • Ordering APP:
Sometimes a customer doesn’t feel like talking on the phone to put in a pick-up lunch order. Using a customized application is an easy alternative. Using an application also  minimizes errors due to language barriers or misunderstanding.
Let’s say it’s Saturday night at the bar and you are struggling to flag down wait staff. Giving patrons the option to order and pay for drinks through an APP lowers congestion and gets the customers their orders faster.  APPs can allow for food orders to be placed BEFORE guests are seated !!
  • Entertainment APPs:
  • List Keep APP – Keeps track of all purchase made through your application system. This APP could be used to tally reward points for food/drink specific to YOUR establishment.
  • Trivia APP – While in your establishment, customers can earn points toward food/drink using a multiplayer Real time Trivia game through their smart phones.

QR Codes in your Pennsylvania Restaurant          

Quick Response Codes, like application technology, are at the forefront of marketing technology. QR Codes are like a barcode that smart phones can read with the proper application. These codes can hold text information and URL links. Why is this important? This is important because before you know it QR Codes will be EVERYWHERE.  In Japan, QR Codes are on the side of billboards and it will not be long before you start seeing massive QR marketing initiatives in the states. It already has begun.
QR Codes make visiting a business’s website on a smart phone easy. You scan the code with your iphones camera and it takes you to the website. There is no trying to recall the URL’s name or clumsy typing on a little keyboard. It’s simple, fast, and painless. QR Codes can also deliver customized messages about anything from nightly dinner specials to the next clue in a scavenger hunt. With more and more people switching to smart phones, this is simply not a technology that should be over looked.

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