Ouch! You pulled something in your back while doing yard work. You’ve never had any back problems in the past so you are unfamiliar with Chiropractors in the Pennsylvania area. There’s at least a half dozen Chiropractors in the phone book close to you.  Which one should you pick? Which one has happy customers?

Yelp can help a potential customer decide which Pennsylvania Chiropractor Practice is worth their hard earned money. Yelp allows a customer to Search by Type of business (e.g. chiropractor) and Zip code, city/state, or address. Every business listing consists of a 5-point rating system, reviews by patients, and addition information such as address of practice, hours, and parking.

By being able to read reviews by others, you are able to make a better decision about which Chiropractor is best. With Yelp, there is no need to randomly choose a listing in the yellow pages or off a search engine.  The right information is in front of you.

So you pick a Chiropractor close by with solid reviews. They fix you up like new. You whistle to the radio the whole car ride home. You arrive home and log onto the Chiropractor’s Yelp page to write a glowing review of the service you received. 5-stars. You hope others see your review and take it to heart.

Now imagine that you are the chiropractor. Not only do you have New customers by simply implementing Yelp, you have very loyal customers that come into your practice every week. These customers can be trained to “Check-In” on every visit. What if every time a patient came in for an adjustment they would write a positive review on Yelp? What would happen?

  • Multiple Positive Reviews daily and dozens weekly
  • A Higher Star rating than any competitor not taking advantage of Yelp
  • More foot traffic into the practice due to more Positive and Recent Reviews
  • More $$$$$ in your pocket!

It is plain to see how Yelp can be applied to a Chiropractor, but Yelp can benefit virtually any small to medium sized business.

Here are some examples of the people Yelp can attract:

* Tourists looking to stay at a quiet Bed and Breakfast
* A couple wanting try something Different on a Thursday night
* A Business man who is unfamiliar with town looking for Lunch
* When looking for a Butcher shop for a Great Steak for the Grill
* Parents trying to find Activities with their kids
* A coffee lover looking for that perfect cup of JoeIf you have a small to medium sized business, Yelp can do wonders to grow your brand and reputation.Give us a call at Central Penn SEO We are more than willing to provide you with further information on Yelp and how it can help your business grow.
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