Using Social Media to Ask the Right Questions

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Social Media Tools, Uncategorized
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Aardvark: Questions and Answers

Social Media Tools

Aardvark is a Social Media site that allows the user to ask questions and receive answers in Real time by other users. When you sign up, the site asks you what topics you would like to answer so the questions of other users can be matched to your expertise and vice versa.
To give an example of how promising this is I’ll give a personal example. This morning I used Aardvark to ask a fairly specific Social Media question and I got a respond back by a man in the U.K in seven minutes. If that’s not the speed of modern business, I don’t know what is.
Once someone answers your question, your can rate it by how helpful it is. Aardvark will ask:
Was Johnny’s (or whoever’s) answer helpful?  Yes * Kind of, But not for me * No
This helps regulate the site and helps keep people with bad information away from your important questions.
The Aardvark concept is really great because it allows you to present yourself as an expert in the field. Suppose someone asks a question specific to your business and you respond in a timely manner. You now have an individual who appreciates your incite and will call on you if further questions arise. Being helpful right off the bat is not a bad way to be perceived by anyone, especially if it’s a question pertaining to your specific business.


Aardvark is not only a great tool for getting answers to questions. It is also an amazing networking tool. If you write your questions correctly, you can target your market and talk directly to those who can benefit from your product or service. A pizza shop owner could get very interactive by asking, “Who wants a free soda with the purchase of two slices at our Pizza Place in Lancaster, Pa today?” or “Why not eat lunch at Pizza Place in Lancaster, PA today?
A shop could also use Aardvark to research its competition or customer perception by asking question like: “What are the Best Pizza Shops in Lancaster, PA and why?” or perhaps “What’s the best and the worst things about a Pizza Place in Lancaster, PA?”
All-in-all, Aardvark is a super new and useful Social Media we all are bound to be hearing a lot more about.
  • Don’t Forget to Ask on Twitter!

While Twitter isn’t new by any means, many business neglect to use it to ask questions. This is a missed opportunity. Twitter is a great way to get questions answered by reaching out to your followers. Even if a business a fairly new to Twitter, asking questions can still be an effective strategy.
It’s amazing how many Twitter followers can be made by asking questions and being referred to other Twitter users. This is one of the many reasons Twitter is among the top of the Social Media food chain: Its ability to simplify networking.
  • Facebook Questions

Recently, Facebook added the Facebook Questions feature, which is similar to Yahoo! Answers. Because of the +500 million users on Facebook, Facebook Questions is becoming incredible wealth of information. Keep an eye out on this story as it develops.
At Central Penn SEO, it is our mission to stay current with the most up-to-date Social Media technologies for gathering information. The goal is to stay ahead of the curve and implement for you the best new social media options the web has to offer before your competition does.  We hope you learned from this article. If you want more information, feel free to call us.

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