Will the IPhones Arrival in China Usher in the U.S. QR Revolution?

Posted: August 19, 2010 in 2010 eBusiness News, Uncategorized
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Next month the IPhone will be able to be used in the worlds most populated nation for the very first time.  The Chinese super giant Unicom, the largest telecom company in China, has signed a 3 year exclusive deal with Apple for the rights. Could this be the spark for QR in the United States?

While QR is growing in the United States, It has yet to pop into domestic mainstream usage. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing QR in the United States is the absence of a simple universal QR app. But one has to wonder if the entrance of the IPhone into China might change all of that. Unicom has 141 million subscribers, many of whom have been waiting to get their hands on an IPhone for YEARS. It is not an incredible idea to think that a universal QR app would be in development for the IPhone 4 in China. It is also not a far reach to think that a successful universal QR application in China would eventually reach IPhones in the U.S. and perhaps other smartphone platforms such as Droid.

QR Potential

While this is all speculation at the present time, the potential of QR codes in the U.S. market is undeniable. Here are some recent examples of how QR codes have been used in the US:

  • Those in the education industry have found that using QR flashcards is a high-tech way of keeping students interested in their college studies

  • Instead of printing as many business cards, companies have begun to encourage their employees to have QR codes on there business cards so interested parties can scan the information to there smart phones

  • QR Billboards, like the one above, have been surfacing more and more all throughout the country.

  • QR code are even appearing on TOMBSTONES in the U.S. so that onlookers can read more about those who have passed.

Do QR Codes have what it takes to go mainstream in the US?

In a word: YES! It is only a matter of time. The bigger question should be: Is my small business ready for the QR revolution?

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