QR Codes In Pop Culture: Movies and TV

Posted: August 25, 2010 in 2010 eBusiness News
QR codes are popping everywhere: Billboards, Television Commercials, Store fronts, Soda bottles, Prime-time Network Television and the Hottest New FilmsWhat are QR codes? QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that were invented in 1994 by the Japanese firm Denso-Wave. The “QR” stands for Quick Response or Recognition, which is what happens when you use a Smart phone App to scan the code; you instantly get the information embedded in the code, such as a link to a website, contact information or information about an Special event or product promotions just to name a few.

  • Some examples of QR Codes in Pop Culture:

In this clip of CSI, the team finds a QR Code that helps them in their investigation.

True Blood Commercial During Lost Finale

During the Final LOST episode, the First Designer QR Code on TV was used in the advertisement for the third season of True Blood on HBO. The QR Code resolved to a mobile site where fans could watch a clip of True Blood Series 3. While this may have been the first time a QR code has been used this way, it is far from the last.

Attack Of The Show!

Attack of the Show is on the G4 cable network and displays a QR code that links the watcher to video gaming and tech bargains currently available on the web.

Iron Man 2 Promotional Poster

What a clever way to integrate a qr code into a movie  promotion! The QR Code takes the scanner to a mobile site with photos, trailers and information about the film.

Superman Returns

This QR Code was used to advertise Superman Returns in Japan. If your thinking, “Isn’t this movie to old to be using a QR code”?, the answer is no. Japan has been using QR codes for years and QR has been accepted as a common form of advertising in the east. Like all great technologies from Japan, mainstream QR acceptance will be here in the United States.

QR Codes are a great way to transform static print advertisements into Interactive Displays. Imagine an ad in a newspaper or magazine in which you could take advantage of a limited-time offer instantly just by scanning the code. The same could be true for Restaurants and Bars  simply scan the QR Code and Instantly you get a Special offer on your Smart phone. Wow!! But of course, you want to make sure your Site is fully Mobile enabled before having a QR Code campaign launch for your business.
With all the advances being made in Mobile phone technology, it’s certain to say we will see a lot of new and exciting Applications and tools come about over the coming months and years.
What’s most important is that you select a Mobile Marketing  Provider that is on the cutting edge today to help you create and Integrate Mobile Marketing Solutions into your existing Marketing plan. Those on the forefront today have the best ability to quickly adapt and incorporate the latest and greatest strategies into their existing solutions seamlessly to provide the Best Customer Service possible.

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