Foursquare on MTV: What Your Restaurant or Bar can Learn from the Jersey Shore

Posted: August 27, 2010 in 2010 eBusiness News, Social Media Tools
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While the TV show JERSEY SHORE may not be watched by everyone, their FOURSQUARE CAMPAIGN should be paid some attention. MTV has seamlessly made the Jersey Shore show an experience by having cast members post short blog entries on the MTV FOURSQUARE SITE about bars and restaurants they frequent in the Jersey and Miami area. Here are a few examples:

Ocean’s 10: My fav spot because of the drinks (bull dog!) and the house music! Always a good time at Oceans! – Snooki, Jersey Shore

Nikki Beach: Go on a Sunday – it’s a nonstop party all day and make sure you get a pitcher of Mojitos all for yourself. – Vinny, Jersey Shore

SUSHISAMBA 7: You’ve got to try the delicious sushi! The place had a very cool and relaxing atmosphere. – Sammi (Sweetheart), Jersey Shore

This information is very powerful because it gives fans of Jersey Shore who live in the Miami and Jersey area the ability to hang out in the same places as their TV pals, all the while helping the local economies of both places. Who would of thought? Foursquare is a great tool for restaurants and bars. While MTV’s intention in using Foursquare is to expand the Jersey Shore brand, those restaurants and bars benefit from each individual check-in. The more check-ins, the higher the establishment will be ranked on the Foursquare network. It true that not every Restaurant or Bar can be be endorsed by celebrities, but if you reach out to people in a way that personalizes the experience, you are well on your way to obtaining new customers.

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