We at Central Penn SEO think this is really cool. What makes Google Instant different from the Google of the past? Google Instant shows dynamic results as you are typing.  No need to even hit Enter. This leads you to the information you are searching for even faster than before.
Another key technology in Google Instant is that it can predict your remaining search query before your even done typing! You can scroll through those predictions and see results in real-time. According to Google, Google Instant can save the searcher approximately 2 -5 seconds on every search.
What exactly does this all mean? In short, Google has once again made fast search ever faster. More than ever it is going to be important for businesses to produce New relevant Web Content Daily to stay relevant on Google Instant Search.
Staying up-to-date with Blogs, Social media, and Optimized websites are not just going to be recognized as activities business should follow, these activities will be considered essential to running your small business. . The most successful businesses may tell you they already are.  They understand who to use of these powerful Internet Marketing tools show them the most  ROI for their  Advertising budgets.

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