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While the TV show JERSEY SHORE may not be watched by everyone, their FOURSQUARE CAMPAIGN should be paid some attention. MTV has seamlessly made the Jersey Shore show an experience by having cast members post short blog entries on the MTV FOURSQUARE SITE about bars and restaurants they frequent in the Jersey and Miami area. Here are a few examples:

Ocean’s 10: My fav spot because of the drinks (bull dog!) and the house music! Always a good time at Oceans! – Snooki, Jersey Shore

Nikki Beach: Go on a Sunday – it’s a nonstop party all day and make sure you get a pitcher of Mojitos all for yourself. – Vinny, Jersey Shore

SUSHISAMBA 7: You’ve got to try the delicious sushi! The place had a very cool and relaxing atmosphere. – Sammi (Sweetheart), Jersey Shore

How to utilize Facebook Places and your Small Business:

Using Facebook Places

  • Most Importantly Own Your Place
While some, perhaps your competition, will be slow to embrace Places, it is yet another opportunity to drive the message of your brand. Be the first to go through the process of Claiming Your Place so that you can manage how it’s being read by those who are checking-in or are curious because they’re seeing their friends Check-in at your Place. Add some personality to add authenticity and give yet another reason to visit (beyond meeting with you).
  • Study Your Competition
Keep tabs on the way your competition is using Places and be ready to make counter-offers via advertising, which I’m sure will be available soon, to those who are visiting your competition.
  • Be Aggressive, Seek the Check-Ins
Make no mistake, you want people to Check-in at your Place which will broadcast to their network that your Business matters enough to that person to physically visit. Therefore, be proactive and ask visitors (and staff) to participate by checking-in. If possible, stage an entire area of the room where folks are asked to “Check-in” with a cut-out of your brand for a photo-op, to collect swag, or simply engage them with a playful little ask. Forget the guest log – replace it with your public Facebook Place.
  • Seek User Engagement on Check-ins Interaction is Key
Every piece of content you add to Facebook is an opportunity to get engagement – – and you absolutely want those who check-in seeking engagement from their community to help spread your Place even further through the Social Graph. Perhaps you could hold a contest where if a user is able to get 50 “Likes” on a check-in you reward that person with a great piece of swag.
  • Have Users Tell Stories About Your Place
Like a recommendation on LinkedIn, ask your clients or top customers to give a review of your place. Ask them to share a story about your Place — perhaps a great idea session you all had or a gathering where they connected with someone really great. Tap into the emotions that make your place unique.
Anytime Facebook launches a feature that could potentially change the entire world overnight, it’s important to ensure you’re comfortable with embracing that feature by checking out your Facebook Privacy settings. And most importantly have fun and make money!


These days everyone is talking about Facebook. Facebook’s story has its own feature film on the way and over 500 million users. Along with Twitter, Facebook is the premier social media implemented by business all over the world. Everyone from small mom and pop restaurants to huge chains such as Target use Facebook for their marketing needs.  While Facebook and Twitter are great services to start using for real time internet marketing, these services should not be considered a final destination.

You might be thinking, “Why deal with other Social Media services if Twitter and Facebook are considered best?” or perhaps, “My business doesn’t have the time or the resources to keep up with multiple Social Media tools. Wouldn’t it be simply easier to utilize the services that reach the most people?”

Why not use only the premier social medias? Let’s think broader for a minute.

Before Enron went bust, its stock was considered the cream of the crop. Maybe cream of the crop isn’t the right terminology. It was on FIRE. Massive returns quarter after quarter. Enron stock could not be beat. So what did a handful of investors do? They put all their eggs in the Enron basket in the hopes of continued huge earnings. After all, Enron made money in the past.What’s the worst that could happen?

Then a bomb went off. Enron was fudging the numbers. The stock tumbled and some investors lost everything. While it’s a shame that these investors lost their life savings, one has to wonder why wealthy, well educated people didn’t think to have diversified portfolios. The only thing I can come up with: It just seemed too easy.

It’s true that only implementing Facebook and Twitter would be easier than having a “diverse portfolio” of Social Media tools but it’s not the right way to go. While Facebook and Twitter are currently “on fire”, that’s not to say there won’t be new major players. By only using currently dominate social medias, you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

This is where Central Penn SEO comes in. We understand that diversification is the only free lunch in Real time Internet Marketing. Technology is constantly evolving with in Social Media. Search engines change Keyword ranking Algorithms every few months. A Business needs to react at a drop of a hat. In a global economy that moves fast, we at Central Penn SEO know we have to move faster. We stay ahead of the trends and are committed to satisfying our local customers by providing services that offer the best rewards. While Social Media and Search Engine Ranking Dominance is not something that can be achieved overnight, we can provide your business with the tools necessary for the further success of your business. For more information, please contact us for a Free Consultation.

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Aardvark: Questions and Answers

Social Media Tools

Aardvark is a Social Media site that allows the user to ask questions and receive answers in Real time by other users. When you sign up, the site asks you what topics you would like to answer so the questions of other users can be matched to your expertise and vice versa.
To give an example of how promising this is I’ll give a personal example. This morning I used Aardvark to ask a fairly specific Social Media question and I got a respond back by a man in the U.K in seven minutes. If that’s not the speed of modern business, I don’t know what is.
Once someone answers your question, your can rate it by how helpful it is. Aardvark will ask:
Was Johnny’s (or whoever’s) answer helpful?  Yes * Kind of, But not for me * No
This helps regulate the site and helps keep people with bad information away from your important questions.
The Aardvark concept is really great because it allows you to present yourself as an expert in the field. Suppose someone asks a question specific to your business and you respond in a timely manner. You now have an individual who appreciates your incite and will call on you if further questions arise. Being helpful right off the bat is not a bad way to be perceived by anyone, especially if it’s a question pertaining to your specific business.


Ouch! You pulled something in your back while doing yard work. You’ve never had any back problems in the past so you are unfamiliar with Chiropractors in the Pennsylvania area. There’s at least a half dozen Chiropractors in the phone book close to you.  Which one should you pick? Which one has happy customers?

Yelp can help a potential customer decide which Pennsylvania Chiropractor Practice is worth their hard earned money. Yelp allows a customer to Search by Type of business (e.g. chiropractor) and Zip code, city/state, or address. Every business listing consists of a 5-point rating system, reviews by patients, and addition information such as address of practice, hours, and parking.

By being able to read reviews by others, you are able to make a better decision about which Chiropractor is best. With Yelp, there is no need to randomly choose a listing in the yellow pages or off a search engine.  The right information is in front of you.

So you pick a Chiropractor close by with solid reviews. They fix you up like new. You whistle to the radio the whole car ride home. You arrive home and log onto the Chiropractor’s Yelp page to write a glowing review of the service you received. 5-stars. You hope others see your review and take it to heart.

Social Networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace have revolutionized marketing. There is no doubt about it. When a business is able to integrate Social Media technologies into their Marketing Strategies, the possibilities are endless. Here is some information you may not know about Facebook and MySpace.

About Facebook

Quick Facebook Statistics:

  • There are more than 500 Million active facebook users and half of those users log in daily
  • The average Facebook user has 130 Facebook friends
  • There are over 100 million active users currently using Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • Those who use Facebook on their smart phones are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
More Facebook Statistics 2010
What does this all mean? It means Facebook is a force to be reckoned with. There are 500 million active users on Facebook. 500 Million. This is a huge number of potential customers that are right at your fingertips. Facebook was originally designed for college students but since its inception has grown to cover a wide range of age demographics. This makes Facebook an excellent Marketing Tool for many services and products. Myspace was considered the “top dog” of Social Networking until Facebook users surpassed MySpace users in April of 2008.


Why care about Twitter, Blogs, Smart Phone APPs, and QR Codes?

These technologies, incorporated with a solid business model, will set your restaurant or bar apart from your local competitors. It will allow your business to move full speed while leaving the others in the dust. In the short run you will have the “cool factor”, gaining NEW foot traffic by being on the cutting edge of Technology and Interactive Real time Marketing. In the long run, you will see decreases in traditional marketing expenses and a fattening of your bottom line.

Using Twitter to fill your Pennsylvania Restaurant

Social media sites such as Twitter are more crucial than ever for Restaurants. Central Penn SEO provides a cost effective way to reach out to your customers using many kinds of Social Media Marketing. Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks currently out there and that is why a large chunk of this article is focused on it.


So what is Twitter exactly? Twitter is a micro blogging/social networking service that allows users to read and send short 140 character messages or “tweets”. Twitter popularity is increasingly growing in business and can be operated from a phone or home computer. How can this be beneficial to your Pennsylvania Restaurant  or Pub?
Twitter allows a business to target its customers in Real time. Maybe your business is a pizza shop in a Millersville, PA, for example. You could tweet a message about a midnight Stromboli special an hour before twelve on a Friday night. Then sit back and watch the crowds come rolling in.  Twitter is all about reaching who you want to reach and when. Central Penn SEO understands that you know your market better than anyone and we are committed to working with you to optimize your efforts.


Growing your business has never been so easy!

What if there was a user friendly way to have your Satisfied Customers share their Real-time, Positive experiences about your business with your future customers? Turning your happy customers into Instant, Electronic text Commercials is here today. Electronic word of mouth has finally arrived! And best of all, it’s totally free! Free for you and free for your customers.
Foursquare is an App for Cell phones and other Mobile devices. Your customers have their cell phones handy when they shop, play, and eat. Take full advantage of Foursquare’s exciting, international hybrid Mobile App that crosses a friend-finder, a Social City-Guide, Gaming, and Electronic Discounts. The Foursquare system was launched in March 2009, and boasts a membership well over 100,000 and rapidly growing.
Foursquare takes the newest Cell Phone App craze and instantly converts your current, happy customers into up-to-the-minute Text Spokespeople who tell the world about your product or service.