Pay for Performance Web Marketing

Most all Internet Marketing Companies require 100% of their fees without sharing any risk of non-performance. In other words, the client takes all the risk. Central Penn SEO  changes all of that by offering Performance-Based Fees or “Pay for Performance SEO.”
Pay for Performance SEO from CPSEO  benefits our clients by directly strictly linking 50% of the total SEO Service Fee to actual Top 5 page listings on Google for those Targeted Keywords based upon an agreed-to list relevant to the ultimate success of the campaign. In essence, CPSEO is risking  its service fees based on our confidence of our performance.
Most of our new clients come to us after having been “burned” in the past by paying many 1,000’s of dollars and getting no significant results. The results were just not there but the SEO Company got 100% of their fee. While there can be no guarantee of results for SEO, or Most internet services for that matter.  At Central Penn SEO we can assure results and is willing to stand behind its assurance by sharing in the burden of risk with the client.
Why can CPSEO do this where others simply do not ?
CPSEO has developed a Proven processes and methodologies that are tightly controlled and managed. We know that if we simply employ our processes we will generate significantly positive results for our clients. Further, we understand that when a new client comes to Central Penn SEO, it is not because things are always going well. They have generally had a bad experience and are justifiably skeptical. So they need to regain confidence and confidence can only result from actions that build trust. This is exactly what CPSEO is offering by directly linking your fees, your hard earned money to actual RESULTS.
We even take this one major step further. Even a “successful“ SEO strategy is not truly successful until it, not only generates high Google rankings, but also results in CONVERSIONS. Conversions are the actual “acts“ taken by a website visitor that define a successful site visit, e.g. purchased product, inquiry form, email, phone call, request for follow up. We include “Conversion Optimization“ as an integral part of our Pay for Performance SEO to actually bring the actual ROI of our clients into clear focus.
CPSEO does not limit the keywords that you may choose. However, we do CAP the fees subject to the Pay for Performance model. In this way, our clients know that no matter how many keyword phrases reach top page ranks on Google, their total fee is capped… we didn’t want our clients to actually “fear success.” While we cap the fees, we never cap your performance for visibility or for conversions.
So, compare to others:
  • Do they share the risk of Limited Performance?
  • Are there fees contingent upon measurable results?
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