Search Engine Optimization in Pennsylvania

Central Penn SEO  provides Search Engine Optimization services to Small Business owners throughout Central Pennsylvania. We understand what it takes to increase your website rankings and overall web traffic in the most cost effective way possible.
Central Penn SEO Services are the key to improving your web site, so that it will come up on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine results page).

We will write the meta tags for your page. (Meta Tags are the instructions for the search engine spiders (Robots). We will in some cases recode your site according to web standards, a set of guidelines put in place by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). One of the important recommendations of web standards when creating a web page is to remove from the html file any code that describes the web page’s appearance (fonts, colors, layout) and have all this presentational data in a separate file, known as a Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS.

Coding webpages according to web standards allows search engine spiders to access the content (words) on the page without having to filter through the mess of bloated, typically table based layout code. Html tables were once the only solution for complex web page layouts, but are now obsolete. Visually, a web page coded with CSS positioning will look identical (if desired) to a page coded using table layouts, but the benefits of the CSS layout include smaller file sizes (usually 50% smaller), faster loading pages, a much easier and less costly to maintain website, and most importantly, from an SEO point of view, trims the html file down to content and semantically appropriate tags only.

Remember that Search Engines are ALL based on words, and its our job to put the right words in the right places. This helps the search engine index your website under the right keywords or key phrases. Our SEO Service will also give you suggestions on modifications to your text (SEO Copywriting) and graphics that will also optimize the site. Sometimes your system of navigation may be working against optimum search engine results. We will alert you to any design problems and suggest solutions. Web standards play a key role these days. When the changes are in place then we will begin search engine submission. Remember that search engines handle 90% of the Internet’s searches every day.
  • Central Penn SEO Search Marketing ROI
SEO services from our Search Engine Optimization Company will increase your companies website rankings and traffic. We use an advanced search engine optimization technique that is proven to work. Central Penn SEO services are safe and cost effective, building your corporate image, internet exposure and clientele while creating a tremendous ROI.
  • Optimization, Internet Marketing, Web-Site Promotion Services
The ranking methods of Google, Yahoo and BING change every three months, so our SEO Firm will offer you monthly maintenance packages to make sure you stay up on top even though the search engine algorithms change. There are very few SEO companies and SEO experts that are well rounded and understand the importance of bringing link building and SEO services together in their client campaigns. Some focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while some will build you high page rank, but very few will get you results! Many companies also use outdated methods that no longer work with any search engine that is link focused. At Central Penn SEO we have taken our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company to the top of Google for many of our targeted keywords in a short time. We have combined Link building and SEO together to get fast results that would normally take SEO companies much longer to achieve.
  • Proven Search Engine Optimization Specialist
The internet industry is full of self proclaimed search engine optimization specialists. The hard part is to find a specialist who truly has the in expertise to make a difference. We have a proven track record of success. Every client our specialists have ever worked with is on the first page of the search engines.
  • SEO Expert is a Search Engine Optimization specialist that offers a wide spectrum of Internet Marketing solutions.
As a search engine optimization specialist, our firm is all about getting top rankings on Google, Yahoo and BING. To make major money on the web, you have to get Free Traffic through Search Engine Optimization. A good search engine optimization specialist will use all of the researched keyword phrases by creating individual pages for each on your site. The Specialist will create proper SEO Copywriting text for each of the keyword phrases. If you fail to take this approach, you will be missing out on the massive traffic available on the web.
  • Google Search Engine Optimization
Our Google consultant specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google search engine. Because Google is the most widely used internet search engine the commercial importance of achieving a good page rank on Google is our goal.
  • Central Penn SEO will make your SEO report.We will review your website and provide an analysis of the following:
* A technical overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website
* Factors that are preventing top rankings
* An analysis of your website rankings in the top search engines
* A market analysis consisting of the Search Engine Positioning of your competitors
* A detailed report consisting of realistic opportunities for organic positioning
* Keyword use in document title
* Keyword use in outbound links
* Global popularity report of your website
* Keyword use in metatags
* Keyword use in the content of your website
* HTML validation of pages to W3C standards
* Keyword use in headline and highlighted texts
* Search engine compatibility and details
* Keyword use in image ALT attributes
* Keyword density
* Keyword use in bold body text

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