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While the TV show JERSEY SHORE may not be watched by everyone, their FOURSQUARE CAMPAIGN should be paid some attention. MTV has seamlessly made the Jersey Shore show an experience by having cast members post short blog entries on the MTV FOURSQUARE SITE about bars and restaurants they frequent in the Jersey and Miami area. Here are a few examples:

Ocean’s 10: My fav spot because of the drinks (bull dog!) and the house music! Always a good time at Oceans! – Snooki, Jersey Shore

Nikki Beach: Go on a Sunday – it’s a nonstop party all day and make sure you get a pitcher of Mojitos all for yourself. – Vinny, Jersey Shore

SUSHISAMBA 7: You’ve got to try the delicious sushi! The place had a very cool and relaxing atmosphere. – Sammi (Sweetheart), Jersey Shore

Why care about Twitter, Blogs, Smart Phone APPs, and QR Codes?

These technologies, incorporated with a solid business model, will set your restaurant or bar apart from your local competitors. It will allow your business to move full speed while leaving the others in the dust. In the short run you will have the “cool factor”, gaining NEW foot traffic by being on the cutting edge of Technology and Interactive Real time Marketing. In the long run, you will see decreases in traditional marketing expenses and a fattening of your bottom line.

Using Twitter to fill your Pennsylvania Restaurant

Social media sites such as Twitter are more crucial than ever for Restaurants. Central Penn SEO provides a cost effective way to reach out to your customers using many kinds of Social Media Marketing. Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks currently out there and that is why a large chunk of this article is focused on it.


So what is Twitter exactly? Twitter is a micro blogging/social networking service that allows users to read and send short 140 character messages or “tweets”. Twitter popularity is increasingly growing in business and can be operated from a phone or home computer. How can this be beneficial to your Pennsylvania Restaurant  or Pub?
Twitter allows a business to target its customers in Real time. Maybe your business is a pizza shop in a Millersville, PA, for example. You could tweet a message about a midnight Stromboli special an hour before twelve on a Friday night. Then sit back and watch the crowds come rolling in.  Twitter is all about reaching who you want to reach and when. Central Penn SEO understands that you know your market better than anyone and we are committed to working with you to optimize your efforts.