Website Design for Pennsylvania Business

CPSEO provides Web Design Services for your Pennsylvania Business. We can build any type of website for your project. From a full blown e Commerce store to a simple blog or maybe you need a huge complex 300 page juggernaut of information. Central Penn SEO offers Fully Optimized Turn Key Websites. All of your sites can be packaged with our Pennsylvania SEO Services Social Media Marketing Packages, or our Pennsylvania Pay Per Click Programs.
Here is Central Penn’s approach to Web Design Services
While a Flashy or Showy Design may be an attention getter. It distracts a Potential buyer from seeing what you really have to offer.  Search Engines are also confused by Flash and do not know how to read it.. Your Website is meant to enhance your companies message.  It adds the emotional spark and inspires confidence. If you confuse someone or turn them off with corny music or entrance pages they will simply go on to the next site!
Your Companies Website should:
  • Be Focused on your Target demographic
  • Create a Professional Image
  • Get your visitor to take Action. Great website design is not only pleasing to the eye. It communicates your message and guides the visitor toward taking action.
One Major difference between a poor performing website and a successful online business is in how well you understand your customer. Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell to everybody or you will appeal to no one. Instead focus on your best buyer or a certain niche. This is the one who is your ideal customer that most wants what you have to offer.
A visitor arrives to your Website looking for something. They may need a solution to a specific problem
  • It May be to Learn about your Product or Service
  • It May be to Purchase your Product or Service
” You need to clearly understand why your buyer came to your site and then give them what they are looking for”
Your Image:You need a design that gives you a Professional Image that makes you appear as a top player in your market. You want to demonstrate you are the Best and Logical choice to do business with.
Branding and design are meant to convey emotion and affect the visitor at a subconscious level. Don’t let it over power your message.
Action: When a visitor arrives, they scan your website and need to instantly understand what you do and how to take action. The most important thing in any offer is that it be clear and concise.
Grab your visitor’s attention with a button. The larger it is, the more visually important it is. Make it quick and visual for visitors to see what to do next. Don’t let them decide for themselves.
Remember, usability and utility, Not the visual design, determine the true success or failure of your Web-site. Use your design to enhance your message and Build Credibility.

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